Garage Door Photo Eye Sensors

Garage Door Photo Eye Sensors

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One of the vital parts that need to be taken care of as you set up the garage door is the garage door photo eye sensor.  There are different brands and models and if you are not too sure on what brand to choose, our company can help you sort them out from the rest. At Garage Door Repair Ridgefield, we recommend you choose from a reputed manufacturer so you can be sure that the results are satisfying and the prices are affordable.

Garage Door Photo Eye SensorsInstalling photo eye sensors are necessary for the safety of your home especially your children and pets. A pair of photo eye sensors can detect possible objects that are obstructing the door way, hence; you won’t worry that someone may get hurt as you remotely close the door since it will prevent the door from closing until the obstruction is removed from the way.

The only logic that this device needs is that the two infrared eyes should meet together to be able to shut your garage door completely. So, installing this particular safety device can be a bit challenging and should be done by professionals. The two eye sensors should be placed on both sides of your garage door and should be perfectly aligned with each other, two inches above the floor. If it is placed higher than this, then small pets or other obstructions can easily be missed. If it is outside this range, remove and reinstall them again.

You can instantly determine if the device doesn’t work properly if one of the sensors light is blinking.

Proper realigning or cleaning the photo lens itself can help you resolve a possible malfunction.  However, if you are still unable to resolve the issues on your own, it is best advised to seek for professional assistance.

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