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How do I know the extension springs are adjusted?

Check whether the door remains in one place and doesn't slide downwards. In order to do that, you must disengage the electric garage door opener when the door is closed. Open the door to your height and let it go. If it remains open (it's alright if it drifts a bit), the springs are alright.

Is it easy to adjust tracks?

Adjusting the garage door tracks isn't a very hard task but it still needs some skills. They're usually misaligned due to loose hardware. So, the whole idea is to place them in their exact position before you tighten the brackets again. Though, if the rollers have popped off, our specialists in Ridgefield say that it'll be harder.

Some say that R-value is a useless marketing gimmick, is this true?

For our garage door installation specialists, the R-value is not completely useless. However, it only becomes meaningful indicator of efficiency if a garage has a complete thermal break system as well as a proper weather seal system. This means that the weather strip or bottom seal installation should be properly done.

What happens when there is a security lock defect?

In a number of instances, a security lock problem manifests as a clicking noise. Our garage door maintenance experts say that the security lock may not be properly disengaged when it is supposed to. There may also be instances of flashing lights on the remote control opener. The system may have to be unlocked from the wall pad.

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